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Its cold, silent and nice


One of the most important TV series ever made in general and specifically for educational and scientific purposes being revived after decades and being presented by a black astrophysicist. Can we talk about how this is a really huge thing and should make it a priority if possible to watch this show. The world needs it and I have faith in Neil deGrasse Tyson.

30 mins left on the east, let’s go!!


i never hit reblog so fast in my life

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Rooney Mara isn’t just an Academy Award-nominated actress—she’s a champion for women and girls in and around Kibera, Kenya. Rooney and her family raise funds to support safe housing, education, and other needs for girls who once lived in the Kiberia slums. Rooney also founded Faces of Kibera, an organization that focuses on community-based empowerment programs. Through this program, children have a safe place to go after school and adults learn life skills like gardening, cooking, small business development, and microfinance. [Read more]

Reality Bites (USA, 1994)

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